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Submitting a Prospect to Paradigm Exploration Company

We seek to participate in exploratory prospects that, when successful, will result in the discovery of new oil and gas reserves…and have enough acreage available to warrant the drilling of a number of development wells. We also look for the expectation of a good cash flow from a new field discovery. Based on the target size of the prospect and the oil futures price, we look for each prospect in which we participate to generate a minimum 15% discounted cash flow rate of return on development capital. This would be on top of a 10 to 1 present value multiple of the amount of capital we have at risk to drill the first exploratory well on the prospect.

Based on our expected 2014 capital budget, we will be limited to a $500,000 maximum dry hole exposure for our share of any single prospect, and will consider prospects where our participation might be as low as $50,000 dry hole exposure. We can operate in Oklahoma and Texas and would consider qualifying as an operator in other states if required. We are comfortable taking non-operator participation in prospects operated by others, when the AAPL form operating agreement is used, accompanied by the COPAS accounting procedure.

If you are a prospect-generating geologist, landman or independent producer and would like us to consider participating in your prospect, please submit the form below for our initial consideration. If we decide to take the next step, we will send you a user name and password for our upload page, where you can submit your detailed documents, SEG-Y files and Petra files for our review.

If you include a confidentiality or non-compete agreement, please provide a copy in Word for us to review and modify, if necessary.