Portals for Paradigm Exploration Company

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If you are a shareholder of Paradigm Exploration Company, you may enter here to view our "open book". You will find copies of all our corporate documents as well as our daily drilling reports and our monthly management reports. Here you will also be linked to JPMorgan Chase Bank, where you can use the username and password you have been sent to access and view all the transactions in our bank accounts.


Paradigm Exploration is a private company and may only place its securities with "accredited investors" and a very limited number of qualified "non-accredited investors". This portal is for those who have submitted detailed information at our contact page and have received a user name and password. Here you will find information about our previous private placements, a "due diligence" checklist and other related documents.

Bobby B Field

Our shareholders may enter here for detailed information about our 18-well and 1,000-acre Bobby B Field producing oil property in Knox County, Texas. From this portal, you can download numerous data files, including logs, cross-sections, structure maps, and production histories. Here also you will find photos and videos of our company-owned pulling unit at work.

Waggoner Lease

If you are one of our shareholders or an industry participant in our 3,200-acre Waggoner Lease, Wilbarger County, Texas, you may enter here for more information. Drilling reports for our four drilled wells and two re-entries are accessible here. From this portal, you can also download numerous data files, including logs, cross-sections, structure maps, seismic maps, copies of 300 pages of railroad commission files and production histories. You will also have access to copies of all the prospect agreements and lease documents.

Prospect Submittals

If you are a principal looking for an additional participant to join in a wildcat exploratory prospect or you have a producing property to sell within the United States, please enter here to find out more about our review and evaluation guidelines. If you feel that your prospect meets (or exceeds) our guidelines you may fill out a short prospect description form and send it to us. Upon our preliminary review and initial discussion with you, we will send you a user name and password for the private section of this portal, where you can upload files about your prospect for our detailed review.