About Paradigm Exploration Company


We were formed as a private Delaware corporation in April 2011, with two classes of stock. Our founders hold all our shares of common stock and 100% of the voting rights. Our founders and 20 investors hold 100% of the outstanding shares of convertible preferred stock. The preferred stock is voluntarily convertible into common stock on a share for share basis. A purchaser wanting to take over the corporation could purchase substantially all the outstanding preferred stock from existing shareholders, additional new preferred stock from the corporation, and enter into a long-term option (and voting proxy) to purchase the common stock from the founders. A portion of the purchase price would liquidate any outstanding liabilities and the corporation would be turned over debt and liability-free.


Cimarron Capital, Inc. (CCI) is a Texas Corporation owned by Gene Soltero and his family. Thomas and Associates Consulting (TAA) is a business owned by Bob Thomas and his family. Paradigm Joint Venture (PJV) is a Texas general partnership owned by CCI and TAA. PJV is qualified as an oil and gas operator in Oklahoma and Texas and drilled four wells in those two states in 2010 and 2011. During April through August of 2011, we exchanged convertible preferred stock for much of the cash and oil and gas interests held by CCI, TAA and PJV, and the investors administered by PJV.

Field Operations

We are qualified as an operator in Texas (RRC# 638908) and have posted a $50,000 bond to satisfy Railroad Commission financial security requirements for our operated wells. The bond will remain an asset of the company. Our remaining property and well service equipment are operated by family team comprised of an experienced supervisor/mechanic, experienced pumper/rig operator, and a roustabout in training, all of whom live with their families in the town of Munday, about ten miles from the property.

Well Service Equipment

To economically develop our North Texas properties we operate our own double-single telescoping Franks well service double drum unit with power tongs and sand line, an 80-barrel vacuum truck, 5-ton and 1-ton gin pole trucks, 1-ton dump truck, backhoe, and a fleet of trailers used for backhoe transport, pipe transport, welding, high volume wash pumping and high pressure steam cleaning.