About Paradigm Exploration Company


We were formed as a private Delaware corporation in April 2011, with two classes of stock. Our founders hold all our shares of common stock and at least 2/3 of the voting rights. Our investors, some of whom have been with our predecessor and affiliated entities for more than ten years, hold most of our preferred stock. The preferred stock is voluntarily convertible into common stock on a share for share basis and is automatically convertible into common stock upon the completion of a monetization event, such as a merger, asset sale or successful initial public offering (if, as and when that might occur).


Soltero Resources, Inc. (SRI) is a Texas Corporation owned by Gene Soltero and his family. Paradigm Exploration, LLC (PEL) is a Nevada limited liability company owned by Bob Thomas and his family. Paradigm Joint Venture (PJV) is a Texas general partnership owned by SRI and PEL, LLC. PJV is qualified as an oil and gas operator in Oklahoma and Texas and drilled four wells in those two states in 2010 and 2011. During April through August of 2011, we exchanged preferred stock for much of the cash and oil and gas interests held by SRI, PEL, PJV and the investors administered by PJV.

Preferred Shareholders

Holders of our preferred stock come from all walks of life. There are one or more doctors, lawyers, pilots, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, engineers, businessmen (and women), family trusts and real estate developers. They all follow what we do closely and enthusiastically support our efforts. In return, we make all our activities "open book" to the shareholders, including online viewing access to our bank accounts and detailed information about our exploration activities through the password protected shareholder portal on this website.

Oil & Gas Properties

We used the funds received from the sale of preferred stock, primarily in North Texas, to generate our own exploratory prospects and to purchase producing leases with water flood potential. With the funds we now have available from shareholder loans and net operating revenue, we are leveraging the current downturn in oil prices to economically acquire and develop oil reserves in the near-term, so that we can create long term value to our investors when oil prices ultimately rebound. To economically develop our North Texas properties we operate our own double-single Franks well service unit, a vacuum truck, 5-ton and 1-ton gin pole trucks, backhoe, and a fleet of trailers used for pipe transport, welding, high volume wash pumping and high pressure steam cleaning.